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13.08.06 - 21:28
The following changes have been made to the game engine:

- game speed is completely accelerated by 2
- buildings do not cost maintenance anymore
- factories lowered to +1PP/million
- medicenters lowered to +3k pop/turn
- biospheres reduced to +1 million pop
- corruption effects are taken out of the game
- end chances for sabotage and and unrest have been slightly lowered to 10% respectively 5%

The manual has been updated accordingly and fits on three pages now. ;o)
14.08.06 - 11:36
Another set of changes:

- the game has been completely accelerated by factor 2 again, matching real-time game speed without any need for acceleration mechanisms
- androids are built in units of 200k now and mines in pairs, in order to keep all production costs above the theoretical maximum productivity of 35 on planets
- freighters and transports now cost the same as cruisers

The manual has been updated accordingly.
17.08.06 - 15:24
The next set of changes:

The game has been completely anonymised and all naming has been automated: nations get a color assigend by random, this color is their name, e.g. "The Red". The first planet is called "Red Prime", followed by "Red Two" up to "Red Ten". Agents are named by the NATO alphabet from "Red Alpha" over "Red Bravo" up to "Red Zulu".

- a nation can only start 9 colonisations in a game, i.e. have 10 planets created by itself
- a nation can only recruit 26 agents in a game
- the interest rate unit has been raised to 200
- production penalty happens for each -400 gold units
- colonisations need to be escorted by at least 1 cruiser

The manual has been updated accordingly.
18.08.06 - 12:45
Another set of changes:

- quantum physics (for wormholes) and cybernetics (for androids) have been removed from the game
- command points are generated by population only, each full 200k of the population of a nation generates one command point
- starbases do not double command points anymore, but reduce the cost of cruisers and freighters by 10% again

The manual has been updated accordingly.
01.10.06 - 19:06
Some small usability changes I forgot to mention:

- the planet overview list now contains useful information about the planet's build queue and performance.

- you can switch to the previous/next planet with arrows, requiring only one click.
20.11.09 - 13:20
Uploaded a new version of the manual with two corrections regarding technology cost and required transports.
10.12.09 - 12:25
I made some major changes to the way Errors and Log Messages are handled.

For Bot Tests in a Game, you will see these in the Headquarters, if there are any, not in the files downloadable from Bot Admin center anymore.

This should ease live testing a lot I hope, at least that's what I were told in the last years. ;-)

For bot test simulations, errors and log messages will be written to the usual files.

Sorry for any inconvenience in the last hour while I was implementing this.
14.12.09 - 13:29
The behaviour of the "decide_techlist" method was improved to choose the first technology in the list, that has not yet been researched by the nation.
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